Retreats and Programmes

Exclusive Sunday Retreat

These 2-hour Retreat sessions are exclusive with limited availability – only five seats per Sunday afternoon. Our sessions are tailor-made for women and gentlemen, respectively, where no group work or intentional networking is involved.

You will also not be required to share your thoughts and feelings with the group if you don’t “feel it”. A key value of mine is discretion – what is shared in the room stays in the room.

I really encourage you to use this retreat as an additional way to reset and create what you want the next three months, six months, or one year to look, feel, sound, taste and smell like for you.

Please e-mail Brenda at to book your seat at the next Exclusive Sunday Retreat.

All Retreats are available in-person or on virtual platforms.
Quick view of our Retreat venue

Upcoming Sunday Retreat Dates

Retreat information on request. Please email Brenda at

Personalised Executive Coaching Retreat

The offering of a Personalised Executive Coaching Retreat came into being due to business owners, entrepreneurs and top-performing individuals having little to no time to dedicate their attention to reviewing their new roles and growing new and existing businesses.

The 4-hour Retreat was created to provide an opportunity for this individual to have the benefits of an Executive Coach in one sitting, discussing, exploring and planning out the next steps on –

  • Living your purpose – Identifying key areas of your life you want to fine-tune and strengthen.
  • Strategise with sequential steps – Finding and planning the next steps to optimise opportunities perhaps missed due to the hoopla of life.
  • Review – Time management with the idea of giving back more time to work on your goals.
  • Create your future – Script the Vision, Mission and Values to support your ideas, current business or role.
  • Sound out – Have an opportunity to discuss and explore any key decisions you face in the coming year.
  • Personal Brand – Opportunity to create or refresh your current personal brand.
  • Set yourself up for success – Come up with your own 21-day plan to help you build and maintain momentum in achieving your goals. 

Please e-mail Brenda at to book your Personalised Executive Coaching Retreat.

All Retreats are available in-person or on virtual platforms.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Programmes

We have created two bespoke programmes to offer our clients the best of RTT within our practice:

45-Day In-Flight Programme
66-Day in Flow Programme

Both bespoke programmes offer the client

  • Understanding of the presenting issue and opportunity to find their resolve
  • Clarity of what they want their life to look & feel like
  • Tools that will support the client on their transformation journey

Benefits, as highlighted by clients, include and are not limited to:

  • Increased clarity of goals/opportunities within career growth, personnel finances, business expansion and client retention
  • Developing and nurturing healthy relationships in family and business
  • Finding inner confidence in their natural expression of skills -learnt & natural
  • Increased levels of self-love and self-esteem

Learn more about our RTT methodology here.

All programmes are available in-person or on virtual platforms.