Executive Coaching
Executive Coach Brenda Cernat

Stop feeling overwhelmed

Professionals and up-and-coming talent in all the top-performing industries share some common frustrations.

  • It can feel overwhelming to lead and make things happen in these complex organisations, which causes a lack of confidence and stress.
  • It is not easy to differentiate your skills and stand out to move your career forward.
  • Searching for effective ways to develop high-performing and engaged teams drains one’s energy.

As a result, many seasoned or up-and-coming professionals do not enjoy as much fulfilment and satisfaction from their roles as they want. Some are close to burning out. The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

My name is Brenda Cernat, and I am an Executive Coach at Blue Phoenix Rising. We provide bespoke programmes and retreats tailor-made for all professionals, seasoned or new.

After working with Blue Phoenix Rising, professionals report the following:

  • They communicate with more impact, put their strengths to work to improve results and develop their unique leadership style to thrive.
  • They enjoy the power of laser-like focus on measurable outcomes and things that matter for the success of their role.
  • They have a clear action plan to improve the performance of their teams while remaining energised.

We have a proven methodology that assesses exactly how you spend your time, energy and resources and equips you with meaningful, personalised strategies to balance your professional and personal lives, stop feeling overwhelmed and regain energy and fulfilment.

Having actively worked in and creating profitable, sustainable processes for the last twenty-four years in Retail Store Management, Fashion Buying, and HVAC Construction, I have learnt that there are success fundamentals that these fields all have in common. Two of the most sought-after fundamentals are, firstly, having the agility to move between top-priority tasks easily and with a clear, focused mind backed by an engaged, motivated team, and secondly, the importance of cultivating healthy relationships with all stakeholders, up, down and across the company.

Being a full-time mum and business owner, I, too, am challenged and train myself in ways consistently to get the most out of my energy, resources and time in a day.

If you are a Professional who feels overwhelmed and would rather be confident and energised, then we should talk. I would be delighted to have a conversation about your goals and challenges.